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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

JanYOUary 2014

The month of January holds significance to many because it marks the start of a new beginning. The name January originated from the Roman god Janus which means gateway or door; beginnings and endings. January is meant to signify the "door" to a new beginning and the closing of the past 365 days. Our culture uses this month to start a new routine and set new goals for ourselves, leaving unfinished ones behind.

Proverbs 4:23 tells us, "Guard your heart more than anything else, because the source of your life flows from it." Just the other day my 5 year-old daughter became mad after I verbally disciplined her for not following directions at a restaurant. As I sat in the booth across from her I watched her rose colored lips frown, her arms hastily fold and a grumble leak from her mouth. I leaned close and calmly said, "Did you know YOU chose how you feel? YOU made the choice not to listen and YOU are choosing to be mad. YOUR choices determine how YOU feel." She looked up at me with her beautiful blue-gray eyes and that frown softened and her arms slowly unfolded into her lap. Without realizing it she took a moment to guard her heart, making a more life giving choice. I thought about that moment. Because I chose to guard MY heart and chose words and reactions carefully towards my daughter, I sparked a light inside of her to guard her heart. With just guarding my heart I have the capability of allowing life to touch others. 

 This month is talking to me, but not in the self-centered, all about me kind of way. The YOU in JanYOUary is empowering me to guard one of the most vitally important organs, responsible for circulating oxygen and essentially giving life throughout my body.  For me JanYOUary is the open door to examine MY heart, MY mind, MY reactions, MY thoughts, MY approaches so that only the abundance of life will flow from me. Happy New Year and I pray January will mark the beginning of new life inside of YOU.