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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Resurrect Yourself

Easter Sunday is one of my favorite days to be at church. Today was the first time since becoming a Christian that I missed attending Easter service because both myself and my daughter woke-up with fevers. Thanks to technology we did not miss the service. We streamed it online and it was awesome! Easter service at my church has always been joyous, happy, fun and filled with the hope of life. So, while I was not there in person,  I am able to embrace all that Easter has to offer, beyond chocolate eggs, which by the way are both mine and my daughter's favorite candy, or attending a fantastic church service. The miracle of the resurrection and the promise of new life that Easter represents gives me hope. It reminds me on a large scale that my life and yours have been saved because Jesus paved the way before us. When I take a more focused look into my life I am reminded that while some things that have been crucified are to remain buried, there are some God-given things that were designed for resurrection: dreams, plans, ideas, healing, relationships, connections, conversations, love, marriages, new life...

Matthew 28
Jesus rose from the dead and because He lives in you, so can whatever is dead inside of you, resurrect.  In Matthew, scripture tells us that an earthquake occurred and Jesus rose from the dead.  He went ahead of the Marys into Galilee to await for them and the disciples.  Jesus has already gone before us and is waiting. He is waiting for you to rise, shake things up a bit like that earthquake and resurrect yourself. You are destined for great things.
 Happy Easter!

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