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Friday, July 8, 2016

Only Love

We live in a society ruled by emotions, instant gratification, and an attitude of entitlement,  where opinions are given feely but not many willing to do more than make commentary. When tragedies and injustices occur we have so much to say and quickly move onto the next trending issue.

We so passive aggressively watch the news and form opinions. But the gut wrenching truth of the matter is this is about the lost lives of human beings.  Human beings that were created by God in His image. This is a big deal. No man should take another man's breath of life. The life that was given to us to live in freedom.

It doesn't matter who you are reading this. None of us should be labels.  Society wants to label people, sort them and put them in boxes. Ive never been an in the box thinker. The only label I see is "child of God."  As a society we have to accept for ourselves that we may not always understand another person's perspective and someone may not understand ours. Truthfully, they don't have to. However, we do need to respect that it's theirs', show love, compassion and grace. A house divided can not stand and until we come together we will keep laying people down. It's our obligation to each other as human beings to love one another as Christ loves us.

Call this my commentary if you will but it doesn't end here for me. I want to love every person whom I come across so that no matter what walk of life they come from they will feel the love of Christ. Not perfect, just love.

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