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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Your Anchor

Recently I was boarding a ferry with my family. As I stepped on the platform that connected land to water I felt the unsteadiness of the wood under my feet. I felt an uneasiness in my mind as I searched for what anchored that platform and the boat. An anchor is used to keep a boat from drifting during strong winds. It is during the strong winds of a storm that your anchor is tested. I challenge you to check your anchor. Look at the things or people who you have placed as an anchor in your life. Have you allowed a relationship, a habit, your finances, your job, etc to anchor you? Do you ever find yourself feeling uneasy and drifting in a direction that is not destined for you?  Maybe its time for a new anchor; permanent and unmoveable.  Allow God to be your anchor. He will keep you from drifting in unchartered waters. Allow Him to be your hope that anchors you; the one who keeps you firm and secure during life's storms.

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