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Friday, November 30, 2012

Dragon Breath

I'm usually the level-headed, rational person everyone comes to for advice or guidance. I'm rarely shaken and have a great capability to remain calm during chaos. Recently I was presented with two situations of conflict that involved my child. I discovered the rational woman that everyone knows can turn into a fire breathing dragon when it comes to my daughter. Instead of wise, well thought-out words, an emotion driven approach blazed from my mouth and probably singed an eyebrow... or two. While my true desire was to bring resolution to both conflicts my motherly instinct to protect my child took over my senses. It's not that what I said was so awful but my approach was nowhere near humble. I realized my subconscious felt if I didn't spit a bit of fire and draw my talons I was not protecting my child, therefore my parenting would be in question. In both situations the sparks that flew from my mouth were met with matching heat from the other parties. Not a good recipe for peace. My inner dragon prevented me from remaining humble and gentle. Bringing peace and unity to the situation, quickly became a harder task to achieve. I realized that when it comes to my daughter I can have a bit of "dragon breath." The next time the sleeping dragon is awoken by my motherly instinct I think I'm now better equipped to brush the flames from my mouth and take a more gentle approach. What awakens your inner dragon and how do you tame it? 

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